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Estimate for Dirt

To estimate how much dirt you need, you should first start out with measuring the area and figure out how many square feet or square yards it is.  Then, you will use the conversions below, depending on how deep you need the dirt, to figure out how many yards of dirt you need. 


Square Footage /    

                                    81 = 4 inches    

                               121.5 = 3 inches

                                  162 = 2 inches

Square Yardage / 

                                       9 = 4 inches

                                     12 = 3 inches

                                     18 = 2 inches

Black Dirt

We have dirt available for delivery or pick-up Monday through Saturday.  Our dirt is not pulverized but it does not have any big rocks in it.  We can load the dirt into your vehicle with a bobcat scoop which comes to about 2/3 of a yard.  We can also load a full yard if you need that.  You can also fill a 5 gallon bucket if you only need a small amount.  We recommend putting 2-4 inches of black dirt down before you lay your sod, to get the full benefit.