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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to put top soil down under my sod?

No it is not absolutely necessary to use top soil. However in certain conditions it may make it easier to maintain a beautiful lawn in the future if you do. In sandy soil conditions the top soil will  help hold water and nutrients closer to the soil surface to be used by the grass. In general you will have to water and fertilize more often in sandy soils if you don't put top soil down. In heavier soils like clay, bringing in top soil won't be of much value in regards to moisture retention, but bringing in clean soil to fill in areas that have settled, ruts, or lumpy soil may be beneficial.

How do I know how much sod I need?

Our sod is sold by the square foot. If you know how to figure out square footage of an area just call our office to get a price quote. If you need some additional help, just check out our estimator from the home page.

How soon do I have to install my sod?

We recommend installing your sod as soon as possible. Sod is a living plant which if left to long in a pallet will spoil.  Do not leave it sit for more than 24 hours, and even less time in hot humid conditions.

How thick is your sod?

If you are wondering how much of a step you want to leave for butting the edge of the sod to sidewalk, edging and curb edges we recommend about 1 inch. The actual thickness of the sod is approximately this amount.

When should I mow my new lawn for the first time?

We mention this on our maintenance and care page, but in general as soon as the grass is rooted enough that the mower won't lift and damage it do so.